I'm running for PA District 97

... because I believe we can create a better Commonwealth for all, not just for some. Some will say the 97th is doing just fine. We have great education for our children; we have industry and employment; we have a beautiful natural environment and new housing developments. But we also have economic insecurity; disappearing agricultural land, and transportation challenges on roads that have failed to accommodate our growth.

And, while Pennsylvania is a state of great beauty, resources and promise – Pennsylvania has significant challenges to address.  We were ranked 46th in a list of best-run states and 45th for overall fiscal health.  We are ranked the 4th highest state for money in politics – with no limits on contributions and an apparent free for all for special interests and corporations.  We have the 9th highest level of unemployment in the nation.  With the battle over the budget last year, our state’s credit rating fell to its worst in 39 years.  Our state pension system is one of the worst in the nation. The poorly funded pension system will result in crushing tax increases for our children and grandchildren if something isn't done soon. And, with some state legislators getting $20,000 a month pensions, something average residents of Pennsylvania couldn't even imagine - it’s no wonder people become cynical about politicians.  Pennsylvania needs to do better. 

I believe we can create a better Commonwealth overall and a better 97th in particular.

When I was pregnant, a wise woman told me as I stressed about becoming a mother that all I could do was what I knew at the time but that as I learned about mothering, I would do better. Relax, she said, just continue to learn. I realized years later this quote was a paraphrase of something said by one of my favorite authors and poets, Maya Angelou. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” I’ve tried to live my life by this for a dozen years — always learning and trying to do better than the day before. I do this in my personal life, my family life, my professional life. I’ll bring this principle with me to my service as your State Representative.

 I’m ready to turn the tide and help Pennsylvania do better.

PA also ranks 39th in US states when it comes to female representation in the state legislature. Our government is not truly representative of the citizens of this state. How can it be, when 51.3% of the population is female and less than 20% of the General Assembly is Harrisburg is female? Only 41 of the 203 state reps are women (19%) and only 7 of 50 senators (14%) are women. There’s only been one woman to hold this seat in its entire history and it’s been 30 years.

 And here’s something else we know — when women lead, organizations benefit in different ways. We’ve learned that female leadership contributes to organizational and financial performance. That it leads to a more open and collaborative culture. Can you imagine that in Harrisburg?? We know better. So now what??

I know and love the 97th. My life is here, my heart is here and I think we can do better. In fact, I know we can do better.  

Will you join me as we help turn the tide and help Pennsylvania do better?