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You can come pick one up at 357 Travis Ln, Lancaster or you can give us your address by email (dana4pa97@gmail.com) and we will deliver. In addition, whether you pick up or get your sign delivered, please consider donating $10 to enable us to purchase more DANA signs. 

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Dana Endorsed by the AFL-CIO

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I am excited to announce that I have been endorsed by the AFL-CIO. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is the biggest federation of unions in the US and their endorsement is a sign of my commitment to representing the working families of Pennsylvania.

Too many Pennsylvanians are working long hours for too little pay. Small businesses in our state, owned by Pennsylvanians, find it hard to compete against big businesses. And too many Pennsylvanians find it difficult to access the quality education that would allow them to prepare for a successful career or retool when the time comes for it.

That is why I support Governor Wolf’s proposal to raise the Pennsylvania minimum wage from its current, ridiculously low level of $7.25 on hour. I support changing Pennsylvania law to close the notorious Delaware loophole so that our local, small businesses are not at a competitive disadvantage with businesses that shelter taxable assets in Delaware. I support providing more equitable, quality educational opportunities for children and adults in the commonwealth. And I support measures to keep unions strong in our state so that workers can have some say over the conditions of their employment!

Let’s build a Pennsylvania in which workers can make a livable wage and receive decent benefits, a Pennsylvania in which local businesses have a chance against the big corporations; a Pennsylvania in which our children are prepared for good jobs, workers are more secure and contented in their positions, and Pennsylvanians can retool and re-train when they need to.

Meet the Candidate Ice Cream Social in Lititz


Dana Hamp Gulick had a chance to spend a refreshing evening with local residents on July 11th  at the Warwick Dems’ (Warwick Democratic Committee - Lancaster, PA) Ice Cream Social! People from Lititz and Warwick Township came out for ice cream and to discuss our community and the future of Pennsylvania. Thank you to everyone who came with questions and suggestions for Dana!

If you would like to find out more about me and my campaign for the PA House, District 97, you can visit www.dana4pa97.com.

If you would like to volunteer you can go to www.dana4pa97.com/volunteer

If you would like contribute to my campaign you can go here https://www.dana4pa97.com/donate or https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dana4pa97

Dana Endorsed by Lancaster Stands Up

I am honored that Lancaster Stands Up has endorsed me in my bid for the 97th District PA House seat. Lancaster Stands Up encourages people to engage politically and raise their voices because this is their democracy -- it is OUR democracy.

I believe that our state government is not doing the things we know it needs to do. We know working families do not benefit from trickle-down economics; they benefit when they can earn livable wages and they have access to affordable healthcare. We know that children need a quality education and yet our schools are among the most unequal in the nation. Our lawmakers too often choose to ignore the facts and work against the interests of Pennsylvania’s working class and working-class families. We need to do better now, before the hour grows late. I’m running to make sure our democracy serves the people: that it takes care of our families, our communities, and our commonwealth.

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