Dana Speaks at Meet Jess Event

I was grateful for the opportunity to address about 100 people in Manheim Township yesterday at the Jess King town hall at the Farm and Home Center.

Voters in Manheim Township are hungry for a government that represents them and works for the good of the people rather than the benefit of wealthy interests. That much is clear. And I think it is becoming clearer to voters everyday that the quality of our state government is just as consequential for the lives of Pennsylvanians as is the quality of our federal government.

Case in point: our electoral maps, including those for our Representatives to Congress, are drawn by our STATE legislators. Just weeks ago, Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg killed legislation that would have eliminated partisan gerrymandering (see: https://bit.ly/2Oz0QBt). Republicans have thus secured themselves a partisan advantage for the foreseeable future. If we are ever going to turn our state government back to the people, we need to send new representatives to Harrisburg. Send ME.