Op Ed: We need leaders who will not be afraid...

Op Ed from LNP 4/3/18

As gun violence consumed the nation, I decided to research the history, policies and responses to gun violence. About me: I’m a pragmatist and centrist, and tend to infuriate those on the far right and far left. I’ve been a Republican, Democrat and independent.

I wanted to develop a comprehensive strategy that looked at everything from school counselor shortages to background checks. I read 100 articles, including newspapers, websites and public and mental health journals. I only scratched the surface of the research.

Something happens when you read that much about gun violence — it makes you stop and realize more needs to be done.

To move forward, we will need comprehensive responses that don’t scapegoat gun owners but also don’t shy away from difficult reforms. While I am still formulating conclusions, I know we need leaders who will not be afraid of engaging this unique moment.

One such person, is Dana Hamp Gulick, Democratic candidate for state House in the 97th District (representing Manheim and Warwick townships). I am impressed with her sincerity, desire to do what is right, and the lack of self-interest in her pursuit of public office. She is the courageous, compassionate and constructive leader that we need at such a time as this. Whatever side you find yourself, I hope you will take the time to consider the difficult reforms that may be required to keep our nation safe and the elected officials we need to do so.

Paul Daigle

Manheim Township