Vote for DANA

To those of you in the PA House’s 97th District who have supported me since the beginning and those I have come to know only in these last few weeks, please make sure to get out and vote on Tuesday November 6.

I am running to:

• Eliminate our state’s structural deficit and put our state’s financial house in order.

• Restore our democracy by ending gerrymandering and driving a wedge between special interests and our lawmakers.

• Ensure that all Pennsylvanians can go to quality schools.

• Lower local property taxes by making sure the state pays its fair share for education.

• Combat climate change and protect our environment.

The polls open at 7 AM and they close at 8 PM.

If you are in line at 8PM, you have a right to vote. Please insist.

If you need to look up the location of your polling place visit…/PollingPlaceInfo.aspx

If you get to the polls and have a question or a concern please speak to the Judge of Elections at your polling place.

You can check your voter registration status at

You can also contact the Lancaster County Democratic Committee office if you need to schedule a ride to the polls or if you have a question (717)299-5701