Dana's Forum on Government

Dans’s 3rd Forum on Critical Issues Facing Pennsylvania Forum was a success on Tuesday night. Three speakers: PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Dr. Rob Spicer, and Barry Kauffman alerted us to the obstacles that lie in the path of achieving good government in Pennsylvania. And we had a positive discussion about what we might do to get around those obstacles.

It is clear that we need redistricting reform to end gerrymandering. It is also clear tthat we need campaign finance reform in Pennsylvania to limit contributions, we need to limit what gifts lawmakers can receive from constituents and lobbyists, for there is no limit at present, and we have to change the procedural rules of the General Assembly so that committee chairs cannot decide all by themselves which bills make it to the floor and which don’t.

And that is really just the beginning of the reforms that would make Pennsylvania’s government better, more productive, and more responsive to the will of the people.

Why haven’t we seen these reforms through to date? It is because most of our incumbent lawmakers are only too happy to keep gerrymandering in place and keep doing business with lobbyists and big donors.

On Nov. 6, voters in the 97th have a choice and to make. I am not a Harrisburg insider; I am not a client of the system. Send me to fight for the reforms that will improve Pennsylvania’s government and make into a better instrument of the people.