My Pledge to You

Flag in the Sun.jpg


In these unprecedented political times, there is increased cynicism about politicians and those who run for office.  Trust me, I share this cynicism.  I never planned to run for office, but now that I am, I want to be clear about my intentions.  I am not running to serve my own interests, but yours.  As such, I pledge to you that I will be accountable, responsive, and transparent as both a candidate and as an elected official.  


  • I will refrain from taking any legislative per diems, a system easily abused by state legislators.
  • I will refrain from taking any money from identifiable lobbyists. 
  • I will work for reform and oversight in Harrisburg for per diem usage, campaign finance, redistricting, and more.


  • I will be ready to listen and discuss the issues – and will recognize the value of each viewpoint.
  • I will hold regular office hours and open forums (both in-person and virtual) for my constituents to connect directly with me.  And, yes, this means in person town halls.


  • I will post all of the monthly expenditures related to my district office each month. 
  • I will post my schedule online after each week (so you can see how I've spent my time serving you).  
  • I will share online about every vote I take and every bill I sponsor or co-sponsor.